360 Excavator Training


360 Excavator training for experienced operators and novices.


Course Objective

Training for the operation of 360 excavator which meets the statutory requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and other relevant statutory provisions.


Course Content

• Site Travelling Procedures • Video Plant Safety 2 • Multi Choice Theory Test • Introduction to the Machine • Control Familiarisation • Pre-Start Checks & Basic Maintenance Procedures • Basic Driving Procedures & Practice Use of Hydraulic Controls • Parking at End of Shift Procedures • Site Travelling Procedures • Practice Excavating & Digging Procedures • Practice Trenching Procedures • Practice Backfilling Procedures • Practice Site Leveling & Ground Consolidation Procedures



Theory and Practical Examination



1- Instructor, 1- 360 Excavator, 3- Candidates



The above course will vary on the duration depending on the experience of the candidates 1-5 day course. 1 day course for experienced operators. 3-5 Days for novice operator.


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